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Yohana is a
personal assistant
service for the
modern family.

I joined Panasonic to help launch Yohana, whose first product aimed to forge a new category in the wellbeing space. With the world already saturated with wellness apps and virtual assistants, we examined why modern families were more overwhelmed and burned out than ever. If the cognitive load of balancing a career, a home, family and friends wasn’t enough, the pressure to make time for wellness and self care just became another task on their neverending to-do list.

In 2021, Yohana introduced a new membership service that combines AI and technology with real humans who can actually relieve some of the invisible labor that falls primarily on moms as heads of their households. The Yohana app meets our millennial audience where they are – allowing them to chat, manage their to-do lists and delegate tasks to their assistant.
On the other end of the app, is a real live human who gets to know the member’s family. Their likes, dislikes, their kids’ favorite colors and sizes. And over time, the member can easily hand off to-dos, trusting the assistant to act as their proxy in the daily tasks that eat up so much time. With Yohana, members can find balance and have time for what matters most.

Our company launch event in 2021 brought our employees from 38 cities together for the first time at our Palo Alto office.

Since launch, our efforts have been geared towards awareness and growth as we expanded from our launch market in Seattle to US national availability and Japan.

Life with Yohana – a candid glimpse into the daily lives of our members.

Role: Head of Brand + Creative Director
Hero videos: Farm League x Emily Maye

Illustration: Matt Blease
Photography: Matthew Williams, Gentl&Hyers

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